VeVe 101 and FAQ

Here is some introductory information to get you started with VeVe

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are gems?
A: Gems are VeVe's in-game tokens. Gems can be exchanged for collectibles or comics in-app and must be purchased using your App Store or Play Store payment method or credit. Check out this page for more on gems:
Q: Are gems a cryptocurrency token?
A: Gems are not cryptocurrency as they have an unlimited supply, and are only used as an in-game currency (similar to tokens used in online games).
Q: How are gems classified with regards to tax?
A: We don't act as tax or financial advisors. We advise users to seek independent tax advice in their own jurisdiction. Also, we do not encourage users to buy, sell and trade NFTs for speculative purposes, as NFTs / digital collectibles may be considered volatile. We recommend that you only make purchases that are within your own financial ability.  
Q: Can I cash out gems?
A: While you can participate in the in-app marketplace and store using gems, converting gems to cash or fiat currencies is not a feature at this time. This feature will be available in the coming weeks.
Q: What are the different collectible Rarity levels on VeVe?
A: There are 5 rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare. Common collectibles typically have the most editions (or "Mints") made, and each following rarity has fewer editions.
Q: What do classifications like FA, FE, and CE mean?
A: Each collectible has a classification designating its collectible status.
FA = First Apperance - The first time a collectible has appeared in any medium.
FE = First Edition - The first edition of a collectible to come to VeVe (may have appeared in other mediums before).
CE = Con Exclusive - Collectibles exclusive to a convention's time range or physical convention.
Q: How do I manage my VeVe Wallet?
A: To manage your VeVe Wallet, visit on a web browser.
Q: How can I monitor the OMI Token value and its burn rate:
A: Check out the website here:
Q: How can I learn more about the Tokenomics and OMI token buybacks?