Trading outside of the VeVe app

If you negotiate trades of collectibles or gems outside of the VeVe app, we're not able to offer you support.

VeVe cannot oversee or provide support for any purchases/sales/swaps conducted outside the VeVe in-App marketplace.

The VeVe in-App marketplace is the ONLY OFFICIAL MARKETPLACE for securely
buying/selling/trading VeVe collectibles.

Conducting these activities outside the VeVe in-App marketplace is extremely risky. Anyone who buys/sells/trades on eBay, Telegram or other marketplaces/channels does so at their own risk and should take necessary precautions to protect themselves from fraudulent activity.

If you are the victim of fraud, please utilize the appropriate mechanisms provided by the platform to report fraudulent activity. VeVe cannot file a complaint with another platform on your behalf.

VeVe will not suspend or terminate a user's account simply for buying/selling/trading outside of the in-App marketplace. However, VeVe does reserve the right to take actions in accordance with our App Terms and Conditions if a user commits illegal, abusive or fraudulent activity.