My Google Play payment isn't being accepted

If you're having trouble buying gems using Google Play, here are some things you can check

VeVe uses Google Play to process gem purchases, and if your payment is being declined, or you're receiving an error message,  here are some helpful things to know and tips to try:

  • Make sure the VeVe service is running and not overloaded (for example, in the middle of a drop)
  • You can only pay for gems using a credit card or PayPal - gift cards, vouchers etc won't work
  • Gems are only available in USD - make sure your Google Play payment method allows USD purchases
  • Check that your payment method hasn't expired, and contains enough credit to pay for the gems and any fees your bank or credit card provider might charge
  • Make sure your VeVe app is up-to-date - check the Google Play Store
  • Make sure the Google Play Store app is up-to-date - follow Google's guide here, and also check the Google Play Store App settings to make sure it's the latest version.
  • Clear the cache and data for both VeVe and the Play Store:
  • Check with your bank or credit card provider to make sure they haven't blocked payments to VeVe / Ecomi