If the Secure Wallet is no longer available, how can I access my crypto?

If you have lost your ECOMI Secure Wallet, or cannot access it, you can still access the cryptocurrency stored on it. Here's how.

In the event that ECOMI Secure Wallets are sold out or no longer available, and you cannot access your existing Secure Wallet. you can still access your digital assets by importing your accounts to any other compatible wallet.

This is called account recovery and provided the wallet you are using also supports the tokens you had stored on the Secure Wallet. You will be able to access and interact with them the same way you would in the Secure Wallet companion application. 

How is this possible? 
The ECOMI Secure Wallet and companion app (iOS and Android) provide an easy and simple way to interact with the blockchain and allow you to digitally ‘sign’ and approve transactions. However, your cryptocurrencies and digital assets are stored on the blockchain, not on the Secure Wallet. 

When you initially set up your Secure Wallet you were required to record and verify a 12-word recovery phrase (seed phrase). This can be used in the event that you lose your Secure Wallet in order to recover your accounts, however as all crypto wallets use the same methodology to generate this phrase and create your accounts, your seed phrase is compatible with most of the top wallet applications and hardware on the market. 

This includes cold storage/hardware wallets such as Ledger and hot wallets such as Trust Wallet and Metamask. 

How do I recover my accounts on a different wallet?
Once you have decided on the wallet that you want to use, simply run through the set-up process as instructed. During this process, you will be asked if you would like to create a new wallet or recover an existing one. 

Select ‘recover’ and enter the seed phrase that you recorded when you initially set up your ECOMI Secure Wallet. This will grant you access to your crypto accounts, and you can then interact with them however you wish. 

WARNING: Anyone with access to your private key also has access to your cryptocurrencies and digital assets. If you are importing/recovering your accounts on a new wallet you MUST ensure it is safe and legitimate. ECOMI cannot recover your accounts for you, nor can we provide your recovery phrase if you do not have it recorded. 

See also: https://medium.com/ecomi/secure-wallet-update-import-your-seed-phrase-bb5260f9b6b2

I have recovered my accounts, but I can’t see my crypto
Whilst you can enter your seed phrase into most leading wallets to recover your accounts, the tokens you have stored may not be supported, or you may need to add them to the wallet to be able to view them. 

If using Metamask, for example, you will need to add the contract address of the tokens you wish to view/interact with, by selecting assets > import tokens > custom token and entering the token contract details for the asset you wish to view/interact with. 

Similarly, if you used more than one account for each token, e.g. Ethereum address #1, Ethereum address #2 on the Secure Wallet, you will be able to re-generate the same accounts/addresses on the new wallet, provided they support additional wallet creation. This is because those accounts are also linked to the same seed phrase, and they can only be recovered and accessed through it.

If the wallet you have chosen does not support a particular crypto asset, you can perform the same action using a wallet that does, and access your digital assets that way. 

Again - you must ensure that the wallets you are using are legitimate. The security of your assets and recovery phrase is your responsibility. 

For more information on how to add tokens to your wallet please see the manufacturer's instructions.