I think my account has been compromised

If you think your account has been accessed without your knowledge, and your collectibles transferred elsewhere, then read on.

What to do if you think your account has been compromised

If you believe your account has been accessed without your knowledge or consent, you should immediately do the following:
  • Change your password. Use a unique password you don't use anywhere else. You can read our password security guide here and our guide to changing your password here.
  • Let us know. Advise us by opening a support ticket
  • Increase your security.
    • Make sure you're using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to generate and store your passwords
    • Make sure you're using antivirus software and it's up-to-date
    • Make sure you have malware protection in place
    • Enable biometric security or pin code protection on your mobile devices if possible
    • Enable or install firewall software to protect your computer against intrusion

What we will do

We will freeze the accounts of any individuals found to be breaching our Terms and Conditions. We will then investigate and where possible, return your collectibles and/or gems. Collectibles cannot leave the VeVe system so in most cases it should be possible to return them.

Your account security

Please note that your account security is your responsibility. You must not use passwords you have used for other accounts, and as your VeVe account can contain valuable items, you must treat VeVe as you should any other banking or financial app. You can read more about account security here.