I sent a collectible to the wrong user - can I get it back?

You need to be very careful when sending collectibles to other users, as you may not be able to have them returned.

When you send a collectible or a comic to another user, you need to be very careful that you are entering the correct username or QR code as the transfer destination.

We are not able to directly intervene in users' accounts to return items where they have been erroneously sent. This protects our users from fraud, as we cannot verify or act as arbiters of arrangements made outside of VeVe.

If you do accidentally send a collectible to the wrong user, you may contact support, and we will attempt to contact that user on your behalf to request the return of the item, but for privacy reasons, we cannot pass on their contact details.

Please also remember that we do not provide support for users who trade or buy/sell collectibles or comics outside of the VeVe platform. We strongly recommend only using the VeVe in-app market to buy and sell collectibles and comics.