I receive a 403 error in iOS 15

If you're having trouble following links on an iOS device running iOS15 or later, or receiving a 403 error, read on.

As part of Apple's iOS 15 update, features were introduced to prevent the Safari browser from revealing your IP address.

In order for VeVe to prevent unauthorised scripts, bots and tools from accessing our services, some of our security providers require knowledge of your IP address, and this new feature may trigger a 403 error on your device if this information is not provided.

If you're encountering this error, please try turning off this feature temporarily while using VeVe, to see this fixes the problem:

Settings - Safari - Hide IP address - Off

You can read more about Apple's privacy changes here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iphb01fc3c85/ios