How do I ensure I pass KYC?

Starting 30 July, 2022 at 11:59pm PT, only KYC verified users will be able to access all VeVe features including participating in drops and buying & selling in the Market.

To pass KYC, you will to complete an ID check (by uploading a picture of your government-issued ID), a selfie check (by looking into your phone/computer camera) and a proof of address check (by uploading a document as proof of address).

You will need to have your original ID plus the document you will use for proof of address in order to complete the process.

Note: The most common reason for failing KYC is proof of address issues. We strongly recommend your read this detailed article about proof of address requirements if you are having issues with your proof of address documents. 

Depending on your location, you may be given the option to use the "Proof of Address through Geolocation" feature of the KYC process. This feature gives eligible users the option to use their mobile device to provide their location - instead of uploading a proof of address document. If you are not given this option or do not wish to use this feature, you will need to upload a valid proof of address document (see below for guidance on the documents that are acceptable). 

Read below to learn about the most common reasons why the verification fails, and try to avoid these pitfalls. 

For all documents used in the process

  • Poor picture quality - make sure that the whole document is visible and readable, there is no glare on the photo.

  • Document - make sure that the document is not damaged and it has your signature

  • Edited photo or screenshot - make sure the photo you uploaded has not been edited with image processing software (Photoshop, etc) and it is not a photo of a photo.

  • Black & White photo - please make sure that the photo is in colour.

  • Unsupported file - we accept jpg, jpeg, png, and pdf files

The most common other reasons for ID document check fails are:

  • Wrong document type - make sure that you’re uploading and taking pictures of a supported ID document (you will be told which IDs are acceptable when you select your country at the start of the process.

  • Your document has expired - make sure that the document is valid.

The most common reasons for liveness/selfie fails are:

  • You wore glasses - please remove sunglasses glasses when doing the Liveness check. Normal glasses should be fine if you also wear them in the document photo.

  • There are other people in the picture - please make sure that only you are in the photo.

  • Webcam problems - If you have problems with your video or webcam, then please use different hardware, smartphone, tablet, computer, or similar device.

  • Connection problems - You need to have an internet connection throughout the entire process. When the internet connection fails, please try another connection, maybe the smartphone internet or some other WIFI.

  • You did not allow browser access to the camera - Your internet browser may ask you to allow our system to access your web camera. It is mandatory that you allow this.

The most common reasons for proof of address fails are:

  • Wrong document type - make sure that you’re uploading and taking pictures of a supported document (see here). 

  • Note: the following are NOT valid as proof of address:

      • Revolut bank account statements

      • Wise bank account statements
      • USAA Federal Savings Bank account statements
  • Your document is too old - make sure that the document was issued within the last 6 months.