Can I agree to the sale or transfer of gems with another user and then use a market sale to transfer the gems?

You can't use a market purchase - for example, at a hyper-inflated price - as a way to move gems between users.

Recent changes to our Terms of Use have made clear that you may not purchase, sell or otherwise agree to the transfer of Gems "off market".

This is to assist with compliance with anti-money laundering regulations,  protect users from being scammed and ensure the long-term health of the VeVe ecosystem.

For example, you may not make or accept payment for Gems outside of the VeVe App where the Gems are transferred by way of the sale of a Collectible in the Market.

Evidence of engaging in off-market Gem transactions includes (1) repeated sales and/or purchases of Collectibles at a higher value than Expected Value, or (2) a sale and/or purchase of a Collectible at a significantly higher value than Expected Value. "Expected Value" means the expected sale price of the Collectible as determined by us taking into account current market prices, the significance of the mint number and other factors we consider relevant.

If you dispute the determination we make you may submit evidence to VeVe Support justifying the higher value for our consideration.