Can I use a bot, emulator or script to access Veve?

You cannot use a bot, emulator or script to access VeVe - only the officially provided apps

If you use a bot or script to access any VeVe service, you'll be in violation of VeVe's Terms and Conditions and you may have your account features restricted, or your account disabled permanently, and without warning.

We are committed to providing a fair environment for collectors free of bots, scripts and other tools or processes designed to give an unfair advantage when accessing our services.

If you use any non-standard software, tools, operating systems, VPNs, proxies, bot farm, scripts etc you risk triggering our security systems and having your account restricted, and it may be some time before we are able to review your account if you subsequently raise a support ticket.

Please only use the official VeVe apps and genuine hardware to access our services, to ensure a fair experience for everyone.