Tapping an email link opens a blank page or browser error page

If you are seeing an error page in a browser when you tap a password reset or account confirmation link in an email, read on...

If you've tapped a password reset or account confirmation link we emailed you from the VeVe app, and it doesn't open VeVe but gives you a blank page or error message instead, please check the following:
  • Make sure you're opening the link on the phone where VeVe is installed, not on another device or your PC/Mac
  • Deactivate the setting: "always load desktop sites on my browser" on your default browser
  • Look in the address bar of the browser on your phone. The URL should start with "https://api.prod.veve.me/" - if it doesn't, it means either your email app or browser have modified the link, perhaps for spam protection, and the link won't work. In that case, you can copy the link from the email (holding your finger down on the blue button in the email should give you the option to copy the link) and paste it into the browser
  • Try installing a different browser (such as Chrome, if your default browser is Safari), and making that new browser the default, so that when you tap the link in your email, it opens that browser on your phone.
  • Web URL Fix for Password/2fa Emails Double check the web URL. If it starts with web.api.app instead of api.app, you’ll need to remove the “web” prefix, and that will usually resolve this.
  • Hide IP Settings: Go to Settings > Safari > Hide IP address > Disable this setting