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How does the Merge Accounts process work?

The Merge Accounts feature will temporarily allow you to consolidate the assets of up to 4 non-KYced accounts into your principal, KYCed account.

Before we introduced the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, it was possible for VeVe users to create more than one account. Now that we only permit one account per user, we are temporarily introducing the "Merge Accounts" feature as a courtesy which will allow users of accounts in good standing to transfer their assets from up to 4 non-KYC'd accounts into their KYC-verified account.

You can read more about the process, and make an application to merge your accounts, at https://medium.com/veve-collectibles/merge-accounts-what-you-need-to-know-b0cb8dc984d2

Who is eligible for the Merge Accounts feature?

If you have a KYC'd account that is in good standing, and up to 4 other VeVe accounts that are not KYC'd that are also in good standing, you're eligible to use the feature. Merging accounts is a web-app-only feature, and using it, a non-KYC’d account can merge with an account that has completed the KYC process, provided the account is either your personal account (or if you are the parent or legal guardian of a child with an account under the VeVe minimum age, that child’s account).

What does "In Good Standing" mean?

An account in good standing is one that is currently active and does not have a history of violating our Terms of Use. Accounts created by bots, or that have violated our Terms of Use, will not be approved for this feature. 

How long will the feature be available?

This feature will be available until April 30, 2023

How do I begin the process?

If you have eligible accounts, you can proceed to https://medium.com/veve-collectibles/merge-accounts-what-you-need-to-know-b0cb8dc984d2 where you can read more about the process and access the application form.

What should I do before I begin the process?

Before merging your accounts, you should:

  • Ensure you can log in to the accounts you are merging, as you will need to prove ownership of them during the process
  • Make a note of the email addresses of both the KYC'd main account and the accounts you wish to merge
  • Download the transaction history from the accounts you wish to merge, as these accounts will be closed after the merge process completes
  • Transfer any OMI held in the accounts you wish to merge, as OMI will not be transferred as part of the merge process.

What is transferred during the merge process?

The merge process will move the following from your requested merge account(s) to your main KYC account:

- Collectibles

- Comics

- Gems

- Showrooms

Note that OMI and transaction histories are NOT merged.

How long does the process take?

Once you have been approved and completed the merge process on your account, it will take 48 hours to process your merge. You will be able to cancel the process during this time. You will receive a number of emails during the merge period advising you of the remaining time.

Can I cancel the merge process once it has been started?

Yes, you will have 48 hours to cancel the merge of an account. Instructions on how to cancel the merge will be included in the update emails you receive during the 48-hour merge period.

How long will it take for me to be approved?

Once you complete the form at https://medium.com/veve-collectibles/merge-accounts-what-you-need-to-know-b0cb8dc984d2 it may take up to 72 hours to be approved. we anticipate a heavy initial demand for this service and we need to review each submission, so please be patient with us during this period.

Please note that we may require additional proof of identity and ownership of accounts before approving a merge request 

How will I know if I have been approved?

If you are approved, the accounts you requested to be merged will all receive a separate email with instructions on how to begin the process.

If you do not receive an email inviting you to merge an account after 72 hours, then your merge request was not approved.

Can I merge more than 4 accounts?

You cannot merge more than 4 accounts. Please note only one form submission per KYC'd account will be permitted and attempts to merge additional accounts will not be accepted.

How can I request assistance?

If you encounter issues with the merge process you can request assistance using the support form at https://help.veve.me/submit-a-support-request however this form cannot be used to request additional accounts or dispute decisions made by the team regarding the approval of merge requests

I'm having trouble with the FaceID process

Some users have encountered issues with the FaceID process on Desktop computers using the VeVe Web App. if this occurs, please make sure:

- Your camera lens is clean

- No light is reflecting from your glasses if you wear them

- You are well lit

- No other faces appear on camera (such as on clothing or posters)

If you continue to have issues, you can continue the FaceID process on your mobile device. Once your FaceID has been approved, you will need to return to the VeVe web app on your desktop to continue the process.