How do I wrap my OMI tokens?

You can use the chainswap website to "wrap" your OMI tokens and create an Ethereum-compatible version of them (ERC20) in order to add liquidity to our Uniswap pool or trade your OMI tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Do I need to wrap my OMI tokens?

No, you do not need to wrap your OMI tokens unless you want to use them on the Ethereum blockchain. With your wrapped OMI (wOMI), you can add liquidity to our Uniswap pool, and start to earn liquidity provider rewards.

Where is the chainswap website?

The chainswap website is here:

What are the contract addresses?

OMI token on GoChain: 0x5347FDeA6AA4d7770B31734408Da6d34a8a07BdF
wOMI token on Ethereum: 0x04969cd041c0cafb6ac462bd65b536a5bdb3a670

Do I need to pay for gas?

Yes, you will need both GO tokens and ETH to pay for gas.

Why is my transaction taking so long?

If the swap site is under significant load, these transactions WILL take a while to process. It is expected that the traffic to the site initially will be significant, and this could compound with the slower speeds of the Ethereum blockchain, so please be patient in waiting for the confirmations. This could take more than 30 minutes depending on the website traffic.

How do I add liquidity on uniswap?

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘pool’
  3. Select Add Liquidity
  4. Enter ETH as the base pair
  5. Tap ‘select a token’ and search for wOMI. Confirm the address is 0x04969cd041c0cafb6ac462bd65b536a5bdb3a670
  6. Input the amount of wOMI you want to add to the pool - you MUST add equal amounts on both sides of the ETH/wOMI pool.

Where can I learn more?

Read our article How to Wrap Your OMI Tokens